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Verdi is an Integration platform for health designed to deliver low risk, incremental change that optimises your existing infrastructure while opening the way to limitless connectivity in the future.

The first step in your digital strategy is an evolution, not a revolution. Verdi is designed to start from each health provider’s unique context, and then build immediate improvements − for both users and patients, according to need, and with minimal friction.

Use the Platform for Seamless Integration of All Your Information

Access a unified view of dispersed patient information, tailored to any platform, via a single sign-on.

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile
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Easy Anytime Access

Verdi brings together all of your existing hospital departmental systems, be they from discrete systems, repositories or a combination. This consolidation saves time by giving you access to all the information you need, when you need it, wherever it comes from.

Clinician Endorsed

Verdi sessions are so streamlined, simple,
 and natural that clinicians actually enjoy using it. The benefits to clinicians flow up and down, to providers and patients.

Tried and Tested

More than 5000 clinicians are currently using Verdi, at the Victoria Comprehensive Cancer Centre and the Mater Hospital group in Queensland.

“It is an extraordinary tool to use. There is nothing like it anywhere I have seen.”

  • Dr David Bernshaw
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Verdi Web App

Key Benefits of the Verdi Platform


Low Risk & Cost Effective

  • Keep existing systems and see an increased return on past investments
  • Implement a non-disruptive digital strategy piece by piece and avoid vast upfront costs
  • Sidestep vendor lock-in via an open architecture
  • Implement a ‘best of breed’ strategy tailored to the unique needs of your organisation

Increased Performance

  • User friendly yet functionally rich applications enable more in less time
  • Proven low learning curve for staff, resulting in less training and fatigue
  • A unified view of patient information with a single sign-on dramatically improves decision-making and decreases medical errors

Smooth Deployment

  • Utilise existing IT knowledge of hospital systems and networks
  • Enable existing IT teams to fully manage and easily integrate new apps and deliver new features and data views
  • Safely roll out, update and decommission clinical apps, features and new data views
  • Build automated testing systems to check functionality and reduce difficulty of release testing

"I looked up Verdi and instantly there was this array of information, correspondence letters, previous pathology, past history...that was completely relevant. It completely improves the quality of patient care."

  • Dr Sarah Swan
  • Pathologist

Integrating a service into
the Verdi Platform is easy

Below is a list of systems our customers have
already integrated into the Verdi platform.

Auscare Pathology results viewer
Auslab Enterprise Class Laboratory Information System
Carestream Picture Archiving Communication System
Centricity Perioperative Anesthesia Anaesthesia Information Management System
CHARM Oncology Information Management System
Cirdan Ultra Laboratory Information System
CPD Clinical Patient Dataset
CPX Cardiology & Respiratory Testing
Détente Pathology Laboratory Information System
Discharge summary systems Bespoke application
DocUp Electronic Document Management System
E – Request Referral forms and result acknowledgment
ECG Cardiology & Respiratory Testing
ECHO Cardiology & Respiratory Testing
Endo Bespoke application
EndoVault Electronic Health Record
Gribbles Pathology Provider
Guidance Bespoke Appplication - Pharmacy medicine
Health Provider Portal Electronic Health Information Viewer
Healthlink Health System Integrator
Hospro Patient Data Archive
iCIMS RUTH II Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting System
Internal Pathology Bespoke Application - Pathology Results/Alerts
Intersystems Ensemble Integration Engine
Intersystems HealthShare Unified Care Record
iPharmacy Drug dispensing software
iPM Patient Administration System
IRIS Integrated Radiology Information System
Karisma PACS Picture Archiving Communication System
Karisma RIS Radiology Information System (RIS)
Kestrel Pathology Laboratory System
Mater at Home Bespoke application
MCDR Data repository
Matrix Maternity Care Solution
Medical Objects Clinical Applications, Messaging and Integration
Meditech Electronic Health Record
Merlin End to end pharmacy system
Microsoft Active Directory Directory Service
Miya EDIS Emergency Department Information System
MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology Informatics System
My Health Record Electronic Health Information Viewer
Obs & Vitals Nursing Observations & Weight
Medical Objects Enterprise Content Management
OnBase Enterprise Information Platform
ONTrac Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Services
ORMIS Anaesthesia Information Management System
Ozescribe Medical Dictation and Transcription Services
PACS Light Bespoke application
Patient Matching Application Bespoke application
Patient Transport Patient Transport Booking Engine
PFT Pulmonary Function Tests
Philips Xcelera Multi-modality Cardiology Image Management System
PJB Bespoke Application - Hospital in the Home Service
practiX Practice Management and Communication
Pscan Scanning Management System
Psychiatry Contacts Bespoke Application - Psychiatry Contact Management Systme
PURN EMPI Enterprise Master Patient Index
Qhealth Client Directory QLD State Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI)
QML Pathology Pathology Provider
QScan Radiology Clinics Radiology Provider
Queensland Health Radiology Services Radiology Provider
Queensland Xray X-Ray Provider
Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology Pathology Provider
Synapse Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS)
TAHDIS Bespoke Application - Allied Health Clinical Information System,
Tissue Bank Bespoke Application - Tissue Bank Management System
Trendcare Workforce Planning & Workload Management System
UNITI Client Management System
Verdi Merged Bookings Bespoke Application
VIDRL Laboratory Service Provider
WABA Medical Image Manager
ChartScan Scanning Management System

Verdi Advantages Over Monolithic Systems

Avoid the risk of 'Big Bang' EMR's

Unlike other hospital products, Verdi doesn't have the risk of big bang projects that require planning and co-ordination of everything and everyone before a big switch over. Big bang digital strategies are risky to take on, evident from the countless scandals in the media.

Verdi, on the other hand, does allow you to quickly deliver new technology that is engaging and agreeable for your clinicians and improves the outcomes of your hospital. Verdi is uniquely and specifically designed to continually deliver success in manageable iterative steps. No matter what level or aspect of the project you are responsible for, Verdi will make your life easier.

Don’t burn your clinicians out, let Verdi stoke their enthusiasm

Clinicians often find large chunks of their time disappearing into a black hole of EMR/EHR demands. Verdi avoids holding back clinicians with unnecessary demands. It focuses on what they really want, and gives that to them in a simple and engaging way.

Avoid the opportunity cost of foregoing ‘Best of Breed’

With large monolithic systems, compromises need to be made. Some departments may be forced to settle for lesser functionality than offered by their perceived best-of-breed. With the Verdi architecture, key departments can choose their preferred systems, while the overall EHR functionality is unaffected or even improved.

Avoid the dollar cost, disruption, and depreciation of monolithic systems

Monolithic systems tend to be very costly. Verdi is not. And it can be dropped into existing arrays of clinical IT systems without disrupting them. Yet enhancing the value of the total IT resource can begin immediately. From then on, Verdi extends the lifetime of existing IT infrastructure, but equally, it allows for future change as opportunity and need arise. Hence, rather than depreciating over time, Verdi’s own value continues to grow.

Avoid the ancillary costs of large complex systems

Verdi’s elegant, intuitive simplicity is so easily mastered that training costs are vanishingly small compared to those of typical monolithic systems. Similarly, because its is designed to expect changes, getting functional modifications into a Verdi installation incurs vastly diminished time and/or dollar costs compared with traditional clinical systems.

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